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 Papers approved by the Consortium for Publication
Papers approved by the Consortium for Publication
Date Approved Conference
Authors Title File
15-08-2007 ETH-Conference on Combustion Generated Nanoparticles Peter Lauer On the reduction and in service measurements of PM from large 4-stroke marine diesel engines
30-03-2007 Plasma Chemistry and Plasma Processing R McAdams, P Beech, and J T Shawcross Low temperature plasma assisted catalytic reduction of NOx in simulated marine diesel exhaust
22-03-2007 SAE 2007 World congress Mika Herranen, Kalevi Huhtala, Matti Vilenius, Gösta Liljenfeldt The Electro-Hydraulic Valve Actuation (EHVA) for Medium Speed Diesel Engines – Development Steps with Simulations and Measurements
15-03-2007 25th CIMAC World Congress Christer Wik, Bjorn Hallback Utilisation of 2-stage turbo charging as an emission reduction mean on a Wartsila 4-stroke medium-speed diesel engine
15-03-2007 25th CIMAC World Congress Ossi Kaario, Lars Ola Liavag, Martti Larmi A Comparison of Characteristic Time Scale and Flame Area Evolution Combustion Models in Medium Speed Diesel Engines
15-03-2007 25th CIMAC World Congress Ennio Codan, Christoph Mathey Emissions – A new Challenge for Turbocharging
15-03-2007 25th CIMAC World Congress Kai Herrmann, Reiner Schuez, German Weisser Development of a reference experiment for large diesel engine combustion system optimization
15-03-2007 25th CIMAC World Congress Ilari Kallio, Pekka Rantanen, Matteo Imperato, Eero Antila, Teemu Sarjovaara, Martti Larmi, Kalevi Huhtala, Goesta Liljenfeldt The design and operation of the fully controllable medium-speed research engine EVE
15-03-2007 25th CIMAC World Congress Nikolaos P. Kyrtatos, Matti Kleimola, Ralf Marquard The HERCULES project: A major R&D effort for marine engines of high efficiency and low emissions
15-03-2007 25th CIMAC World Congress Georgios Livanos, Georgios Papalambrou, Nikolaos P. Kyrtatos Electronic Engine Control for Ice Operation of Tankers
15-03-2007 25th CIMAC World Congress Marios Ioannou, Nikolaos Alexandrakis, Nikolaos P. Kyrtatos Individual Cylinder Ultra-fast NO Measurement for Marine Diesel Engines
15-03-2007 25th CIMAC World Congress Georg Tinschmann, Marco Taschek, Heiner Haberland, Peter Eilts Combustion System Development for IMO Tier 2
15-03-2007 25th CIMAC World Congress Peter Eckert, Amin Velji, Ulrich Spicher Numerical Investigations of Fuel-Water Emulsion Combustion in DI-Diesel Engines
12-02-2007 IEEE Conference on Control Applications2007 Fredrik Östman, Hannu T. Toivonen Linear Load Estimation of Medium-Speed Diesel Engines
09-06-2006 11th IFAC Symposium on Control in Transportation Systems
Georgios Papalambrou,
Nikolaos P. Kyrtatos
H-Infinity Robust Control of a Marine Diesel Engine Equipped with Power-Take-In System
02-06-2006 "Adavanced materials" symposium arranged by VTT Kari Tammi Experiments on Shape Memory Alloy actuator and practical applicability considerations
13-04-2006 Elsevier Journal: "Control Engineer Practice" Fredrik Östman,
Hannu Toivonen
Active Torsional Vibration Control of Reciprocating Engines
08-03-2006 7th International Aerosol Conference 2006 Andreas Petzold,
Bernadett Weinzierl,
Markus Fiebig,
Michael Lichtenstern,
Peter Lauer,
Christian Gurk,
Klaus Franke,
Ernest Weingartner
Particle Emissions from Ship Engines: Emission Properties and Transformation in the Marine Boundary Layer
03-02-2006 The Sixteenth (2006) International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference G.A. Livanos (NTUA/LME) , G.N. Simotas (NTUA/LME) , N.P. Kyrtatos (NTUA/LME) Tanker Propulsion Plant Transient Behavior During Ice Breaking Conditions
25-07-2005 Fifth Symposium on "Towards Clean Diesel Engines" K. Samuelsson (corresponding author) - ULUND A. Gogan - ULUND K. Netzell – ULUND H. Lehtiniemi - ULUND B. Sunden - ULUND F. Mauss - ULUND Modeling Diesel Engine Combustion and Pollutant Formation Using a Stochastic Reactor Model Approach
22-03-2005 European Aerosol Conference 2005 P. Lauer - MBD(D)
C. Kurok - GL
A. Petzold - DRL
Particulate emission and composition from marine Diesel engines for different fuels
18-03-2005 Fifth Symposium on "Towards Clean Diesel Engines" P. Kilpinen - AAUniv
J. Weenstrom - AAUniv
M. Kavaljer - AAUniv
J. Hernandez Carucci - AAUniv
Towards More Complete NO Emission Prediction by CFD in Marine Diesel Engines
07-11-2004 S.A.E. International Ossi Kaario - VTT
Martti Larmi - HUT
A Soot Model for Diesel Engine CFD Applications
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