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  • The I.P. HERCULES Final Meeting and Partners Forum took place in Brussels on 5th September 2007, with 70 participants. It included an overview presentation of the Project and its results, presentations by E.C. Officials and presentations of the final results of each Task by all Task Leaders. Posters with results from all Tasks were presented.

( September 25, 2007 )

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  • In the 25th CIMAC World Congress on Combustion Engine Technology, May 21-24, 2007 Vienna, Austria, the I. P. HERCULES results were presented in 14 different papers (out of Congress Total of 270 papers).
    Notably, 2 out of 3 Best Paper Awards were given to Papers emanating from the I. P. HERCULES project:
    1. Congress Best Paper Award.
    Paper # 101: Christer Wik, Bjorn Hallback, ??Utilisation of 2-stage turbo charging as an emission reduction mean on a Wartsila 4-stroke medium-speed diesel engine?
    2. British Petroleum Award.
    Paper # 98: Kai Herrmann, Reiner Schulz, German Weisser, ??Development of a reference experiment for large diesel engine combustion system optimization?
  • ( May 25, 2007 )

  • The I.P.HERCULES was featured in the EURONEWS TV program FUTURIS and presented in the "Star Projects", category of the Series "Success Stories" of EC / DG Research / Info. Centre
  • ( April 24, 2007 )

  • The Project Steering Committee and the Project Technical Board convened in Vaasa, Finland, on 15 March 2007, hosted by Wartsila Finland OY. The meeting included a tour of the Wartsila Vaasa engine factory
  • ( April 18, 2007 )

  • The duration of the Project has been extended to 43 months to allow tests on prototype components in several Tasks to be completed. New end date is 30 September 2007.
  • ( November 7, 2006 )

  • The Danish Minister for the Environment, Connie Hedegaard, addressed the 3rd HERCULES Partner's Forum in Copenhagen at the new museum sponsored by MAN Diesel A/S (DieselHouse), on 5th October 2006. The Minister gave a speech and was present at the start-up of the mammoth-sized B&W diesel engine from 1932, which for more than 30 years was the largest diesel engine in the world.
  • ( October 10, 2006 )

  • The 3rd HERCULES Partner's Forum took place in Copenhagen on 5th October 2006 at the new museum (DieselHouse). The partner's forum is an informal assembly of representatives of all partners. It convenes annually, organised by the I.P. Coordinator, to exchange views, present results and assist in bottom-up coordination and assessment of I.P. objectives. The Forum included also a Poster Session. A Training Seminar with 3 Sessions of Technical Presentations took place in Copenhagen on 6th October 2006.
  • ( October 10, 2006 )

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  • The Project Technical Board convened in Copenhagen on 4 October 2006. A dinner was held at the MAN Diesel A/S Research Center.
  • ( October 10, 2006 )

  • CIMAC CIRCLE at SMM 2006: Thursday, September 28, 2006. Subject: ?Next Generation Marine Diesel Engines ? Visions for the next decade.? Views from experts participating in I.P. HERCULES and discussion with the audience will take place at CIMAC CIRCLE at SMM 2006.
  • ( August 29, 2006 )

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