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Workpackage 1: Extreme design parameters
Task 1.1
Task 1.2
Workpackage 2: Advanced Combustion Concepts
Workpackage 3: Multistage/Intelligent turbocharging
Workpackage 4: Turbocompound engine/hot engine
Workpackage 6: Emission reduction methods (internal-water)
Workpackage 7: Emission reduction methods (Internal-EGR)
Workpackage 8: Emissions aftertreatment
Workpackage 9: Reduced friction engine
Workpackage 11: Adaptive engine
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Task 1.1: Mechanics of engine with extreme design parameters
This task aims to investigate the mechanics of engines with extreme design parameters. The optimum design parameters for combustion and reduced friction will be investigated. Design of new key components for the extreme parameter engine will be performed. Novel components for fuel injection and valve operation will be manufactured. Prototype tests of the new systems will be performed onboard an experimental extreme parameter engine.

Task Progress Highlights September 2004
Task Progress Highlights March 2005
Task Progress Highlights September 2005
Task Progress Highlights March 2006
Task Progress Highlights October 2006
Task Progress Highlights March 2007
Task Progress Highlights September 2007


Task Leader: Gosta Liljenfeldt
Partners: Helsinki University of Technology
M. Jurgensen GmbH & Co KG
Miba Gleitlager GmbH
Tampere University of Technology
Wartsila Corporation

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