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Workpackage 1: Extreme design parameters
Task 1.1
Task 1.2
Workpackage 2: Advanced Combustion Concepts
Workpackage 3: Multistage/Intelligent turbocharging
Workpackage 4: Turbocompound engine/hot engine
Workpackage 6: Emission reduction methods (internal-water)
Workpackage 7: Emission reduction methods (Internal-EGR)
Workpackage 8: Emissions aftertreatment
Workpackage 9: Reduced friction engine
Workpackage 11: Adaptive engine
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 Workpackage 1: Extreme design parameters

AIM: to increase engine power density and combustion cycle efficiency to drastically higher level than today?s state-of-the-art. This will be performed by developing compression ignition engines designed for efficient and environmentally friendly operation under extreme working conditions.


  • To create general knowledge about a diesel engine operating under extreme thermal and mechanical load
  • To study the influence of advanced working cycles on engine performance and emissions
  • To find design and material solutions to overcome the problems caused by the extreme conditions with regard both to mechanical and thermal load
  • To develop new components and integrate them on engines
  • To perform full-scale tests to evaluate the developed technologies

The Workpackage consists of two Tasks:

Task 1.1: Mechanics of engine with extreme design parameters

Task 1.2: Thermodynamics of engines with extreme design parameters

Extreme value research engine machinery
(courtesy of Helsinki University of Technology)

Extreme value research engine 3D-model of the cylinder head, flame ring and cylinder liner
(courtesy of Helsinki University of Technology).

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