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Workpackage 1: Extreme design parameters
Workpackage 2: Advanced Combustion Concepts
Workpackage 3: Multistage/Intelligent turbocharging
Workpackage 4: Turbocompound engine/hot engine
Workpackage 6: Emission reduction methods (internal-water)
Task 6.1
Task 6.2
Workpackage 7: Emission reduction methods (Internal-EGR)
Workpackage 8: Emissions aftertreatment
Workpackage 9: Reduced friction engine
Workpackage 11: Adaptive engine
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Task 6.1: Water Injection Techniques
The goal of this task is to investigate the potential of direct water injection into the combustion chamber as a mean to reduce exhaust emissions. The timing, amount and location of the injection over the entire operating range of the engine will be considered. The long term behavior and the operational safety and reliability of such a system will also be addressed. Prototype components will be designed, manufactured and tested. A prototype system will be installed onboard a seagoing vessel for a full scale field test.

Task Progress Highlights September 2004
Task Progress Highlights March 2005
Task Progress Highlights September 2005
Task Progress Highlights March 2006
Task Progress Highlights October 2006
Task Progress Highlights March 2007
Task Progress Highlights September 2007


Task Leader: German Weisser
Partners: O.M.T.-Officine Meccaniche Torino S.P.A.
A.P. Moller-Maersk A/S
Wallenius Marine AB
Wartsila Corporation
Wartsila Schweiz AG

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